"The first thing you notice is the look. Sitting behind their music stands, the 13 musicians, dressed in black suits and black ties, give off an air of elegance and style, their neatly folded pocket squares adding a bit of Don Draperesque panache. The trombones glint and glimmer in the stage lights. The trumpets and saxophones shine as well. Launching into their first number, an up-tempo take on the theme to “American Bandstand,” the sound is big. Not just loud, but big, full, and vibrant. It hits you in the chest and seems to envelope you as it fills the hall. The trombones lend a supporting line behind the saxophones, while the trumpets belt out a quick hot riff. This is music with élan, swagger, and pizzazz."

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"This band was AMAZING. EVERYONE loved the music!! My daughter wanted great music, and the JAZZKATZ delivered. I want to have another party just so I can have the Jazzkatz play again. Anyone who needs amazing music and entertainment, I would highly recommend this band. I am so happy I decided to choose the Jazzkatz Project. Thank You for making our daughter's wedding a success!"

- Margot I. (Patron)


I listened to a sample of the work, and it was stunning. It's a thrilling music and I will probably listen to more songs. I especially like the strong voice of the singer. This is "good" music, and it has nothing to do with much of our modern music, which I call "money music". Once again astonishing...

- Gael W. (Patron)